2016-image-3-of-5So, Ladies and Gents, that was 2016. How does it happen so fast every year?

I am now into my 4th year of business and definitely at my most settled. With no new children or a full time job I have been able to focus souly on the business of taking photos, don’t get me wrong life is still manic with a 1 & 4 year old running wild but there has definitely been more hours in the day to do what I love.

I must start with a huge thank you to the 36 beautiful couples that invited me into their lives for a single day and let me capture them and their families at their happiest. I have loved every minute, truly!

2016 saw me travel all over the UK and also hop over the North Sea to Amsterdam which was just incredible. I got to shoot weddings in a planetarium, a student union and on a canal boat, as well as some of the biggest “back gardens” you’ve ever seen. I am still an emotional wreck when it comes to Dad’s seeing their daughters for the first time and my buttonhole fastening has now reached expert level.

2017 is shaping up to be my busiest year yet with a load of amazing weddings already booked in. I will be shooting a wedding in America aswell as heading back to Ibiza which I am obviously gutted about 😉 All in all I can’t bloody wait!

Enough of the ramblings then, onto some pictures. As always it was impossible to pick a manageable amount of images for this blog post as I love so many but hopefully you’ll make it to the end. I always choose images for my year end post that speak to me for one reason or another, whether it’s a beautiful or funny moment or something I am particually proud of technically they are my favourites, in no particular order. I hope you like them too…

Happy New Year!

leigh-lucie-bo-16-7-of-9 alastair-rebecca-bo-16-1-of-11 ellie-kelv-prints-6-of-10 charlotte-dan-bo-16-1-of-10 becky-luke-bo-16-1-of-5 claire-toby-bo-16-3-of-3 amy-dan-bo16-1-of-4 dee-anthony-bo-16-2-of-2 ellie-kelvin-bo-16-2-of-6 dave-victoria-bo16-1-of-1 hannah-michael-bo-16-3-of-9 holly-john-bo-16-7-of-7 jack-sarah-bo-16-4-of-15 leigh-lucie-bo-16-4-of-9 madeline-darren-bo-16-1-of-4 merryn-lee-bo-16-1-of-2 michelle-chris-bo-16-1-of-5 michelle-chris-bo-16-7-of-10 ryan-helen-bo-16-3-of-5 sandra-simon-bo-2016-1-of-5 sarah-scott-bo-16-1-of-5 stevie-dan-bo-16-3-of-7 tina-sam-bo-16-2-of-6 tina-sam-bo-16-6-of-6 tej-efi-bo-16-2-of-2 stevie-dan-bo-16-2-of-7 sarah-scott-bo-16-5-of-5 sarah-andy-bo-16-1-of-1 nathalie-terry-bo-16-3-of-7 sandra-simon-bo-2016-4-of-5 shirley-rich-bo-16-4-of-6 shirley-rich-bo-16-6-of-6 stevie-dan-bo-16-7-of-7 nathalie-terry-bo-16-4-of-7 moya-shaun-bo16-4-of-9 leigh-lucie-bo-16-9-of-9 kirsty-ross-bo-16-6-of-6 jullia-mark-bo-16-5-of-8 jack-sarah-bo-16-14-of-15 hannah-michael-bo-16-7-of-9 jullia-mark-bo-16-7-of-8 jack-sarah-bo-16-10-of-15 jack-sarah-bo-16-13-of-15 gary-sharon-bo-16-2-of-2 gary-sharon-bo-16-1-of-2 emily-chris-bo-16-1-of-1 hanah-oli-bo-16-1-of-1-2 ellie-kelvin-bo-16-6-of-6 ellie-kelvin-bo-16-1-of-6 Coombe Lodge Wedding claire-toby-bo-16-2-of-3 charlotte-dan-bo-16-10-of-10 Bristol Wedding alastair-rebecca-bo-16-6-of-11 alastair-rebecca-bo-16-10-of-11 aime-alex-bo-16-6-of-9 aime-alex-bo-16-8-of-9 amy-dan-bo16-3-of-4 jack-sarah-bo-16-1-of-15 jack-sarah-bo-16-15-of-15 jack-sarah-bo-16-7-of-15 kirsty-ross-bo-16-3-of-6 laura-stefan-bo16-4-of-5 laura-stefan-bo16-3-of-5 lee-amy-bo16-3-of-4 leigh-lucie-bo-16-1-of-9 michelle-chris-bo-16-5-of-10 leigh-lucie-bo-16-5-of-9 michelle-chris-bo-16-4-of-10 moya-shaun-bo16-6-of-9 nathalie-terry-bo-16-2-of-7 stevie-dan-bo-16-1-of-7 tina-sam-bo-16-1-of-6 ryan-helen-bo-16-4-of-5 mark-bernice-bo16-2-of-3 kirsty-ross-bo-16-4-of-6 hannah-michael-bo-16-8-of-9 holly-john-bo-16-3-of-7 hanah-oli-bo-16-1-of-1 holly-john-bo-16-5-of-7 ellie-kelvin-bo-16-5-of-6 claire-toby-bo-16-1-of-3 charlotte-dan-bo-16-7-of-10 Old Down Manor weddingmichelle-chris-bo-16-1-of-10stevie-dan-bo-16-6-of-7hannah-michael-bo-16-2-of-9

Author: Matt Willis

Hi, I’m Matt. A Bristol wedding photographer
I’ve been genuinely lucky to work with some amazing couples and privileged to be involved with one of the happiest days of their lives.
If you’d like to discuss your wedding ideas with me then please get in touch.


  1. Sandra Stone
    January 5, 2017 - Reply

    Amazing photos Matt, you are truly talented, brings back so many memories and emotions. Have a fantastic 2017!

  2. January 10, 2017 - Reply

    Brilliant! Great year mate, loved looking through those. Stellar moments throughout 🙂

  3. January 13, 2017 - Reply

    Yes Matt! Loved it all, what a cracking year you had dude! 2017 better look out!

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