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shaun-moya-blog-2-1-of-30I realise I haven’t blogged  in forever so first off let me welcome you all back and if you’re new to my ramblings, welcome for the first time. It’s been one hell of a year with so many amazing weddings that I am dying to show you.

So, with that in mind here is the wonderful Shaun & Moya…

This was my 3rd Jewish wedding and I absolutely loved it. Slightly less conventional than my previous but Shaun and Moya wouldn’t have had it any other way. They held their wedding across two separate days back in May & June. The first day was the ceremony and reception meal at Fredericks in Islington, a beautiful restaurant that I would totally recommend.

The ceremony as always with Jewish ceremonies was so personal, poignant and completely heartfelt. The two of them choosing to stamp on the glass together was a particular favourite moment of mine. Break the mould as often as you can I say. Plenty of bubbles, beautiful food and some of the best delivered speeches I’ve ever heard.

On to their second day at the beautiful Manor at Sway in the New Forest. A much more relaxed affair with their closest friends. An informal but totally moving ceremony with poems, speeches and songs from their friends, followed by dinner, more speeches and dancing until the small hours. All in all two people totally adored by their friends and family and without sounding too soppy, I can totally see why.

Thank you both for inviting me into your lives for 2 amazing days. x

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