A little about me....

..I'm a Wedding Photographer in Bristol

Being a Bristol Wedding Photographer means I get to spend time caputing couples. Offering documentary style wedding photography across stunning Bristol and South West venues.

My approach to being a Bristol Wedding Photographer

Recently I heard another wedding photographer say, “you know, we are professional people watchers!” They were 100% correct. Most of my time at a wedding is spent watching events unfold. I love to sit on the sidelines and capture beautiful/funny/emotional moments that you aren’t seeing.

For me it’s about capturing the human condition, freezing people in time so that you and they can look back on it and feel something. So your kids & grandkids can look at your wedding photos and laugh at your clothes and your hair but also see you at your happiest. That’s why I do this! 

As well as capturing natural moments I also love to create beautiful portraits with my couples. First and foremost my approach to portraits is relaxed. I do not do cheesy posing or getting you into elaborate positions. I want you to be you, if you’re giggly and smiley then be that, if you’re quiet and shy that works beautifully too. My wife is extremely camera shy so I have plenty of experience with that. The most important thing is to enjoy it, it will only happen once. 

I am drawn to beautiful light, so while I am watching you and your guests closely on your wedding day I will also be watching the light really closely. This means that we may have to be flexible and run outside for some last minute portraits in the golden sunlight or if we get that break in the clouds we’ve been waiting for. Just give me that little bit of time and we’ll make some beautiful images together.

Think I could be your Bristol Wedding Photographer?

If it sounds like we are a good fit for each other, please do get in touch…